Some goodness to start the new year

Last night, I and another woman whose name I’ve since learned is Kathy (could be a C), took a cold wandering dog to his or her home. The dog was a beautiful gold color (retriever? I’m not really up on my dogs), extremely well-behaved with thick luxurious fur, and a name tag that said Harbor. His or her people’s phone numbers were on there but really tiny (so if you have a dog – think about making the numbers bigger!)… no luck calling but we found a neighbor home – it was maybe 20 degrees out and we were glad the dog was safe! Then we went back to the dance.
This morning Scruff and I are meeting up with some other dancing friends for New Year’s Brunch. I think that’s a good occasion for a treat, so I’ve made some whole wheat currant scones, and tried a new recipe. The title made some outrageous claims of being the world’s best, their Scottish grandma’s recipe so I thought it worth a try – and they are really good! The only change I made was to use white whole wheat flour. We’re bringing lemon curd to go with.


5 thoughts on “Some goodness to start the new year

  1. Happy New Year & welcome back to blogland!!!

  2. The scones were a big hit! Managed to save one (!) which I will be eating tomorrow with breakfast. Thank you so much for coming by.

  3. Had one of these this morning (belated St. Patrick’s Day celebration) … OMG — light (despite the white whole wheat), not too sweet, studded with currants … definitely a fine scone!

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