Burda 7108 – done!

Finished the dress in time for the party! It was my best invisible zip ever so I was pretty happy about that. Making the normal adjustments though, left it just a little roomy in the tush – perhaps because this was labeled plus size, and I was on the low end of the pattern sheet, vs regular, where I’m near the largest size, had something to do with it. It wasn’t enough for me to re-do anything over, but thankfully I did pay attention to sizing early enough to take out four inches at the waist, by curving the side seams just a little more (I find this unusual for a Burda for me). That would have been significant enough that I would have considered wearing something else!

For the rank beginners, if you’re used to folding darts… this pattern has you cut it in, but doesn’t tell you until several steps in, so definitely read ahead.

I took the sleeve pattern from the jacket, trimmed and inch down either side, and shortened to elbow length. It eased into the dress armscye quite well and came out just the way I wanted!

This was taken after the party… hopefully my exhaustion isn’t too obvious, but I forgot to get a photo before we left!



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