Hot Patterns 1133

Plain & Simple Fitted T Redux

Decided to try making a t-shirt for the first time. I considered a nice knit fabric with some sheer stripes that I love, but ended up using a cheap knit from the G St discount table – no matter, it still looks great for a first try knit top! Love this pattern!

As for the instructions, I had to guess which sleeve went to which side as they are not labeled, and the diagrams did not say. Since the sleeve pieces are not front-to-back symmetrical, these really could be in wrong, but my fabric was very forgiving.

The one additional item I should mention is that the sleeve is snug at the elbow, so if you have any forearm muscle at all – measure and adjust!

It has an interesting back seam to help give it a bit of shape:


And the front view:


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  1. And it looks simply awesome in person.

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