Planning ahead

It’s easy to say “I’m going to eat well this week”… But when you’re sick, tired, sick and tired, or just out of your routine, eating out seems easier. I wish it didn’t, because in reality, it probably takes just as long to get a table, order, and have it delivered to you, as it does to make something.
But while restaurant food can taste good, statistics show the likelihood of it actually being good for you are very slim.

Last week I ate lunch out a few times last week, and while the sandwiches were tasty, I noticed I was much hungrier in the evening than after my self-prepared lunches. Probably the lack of fiber, but in case, I vowed this week to get my lunches made in advance!

So over the weekend I spent an hour and a half and made 9 salads, five full size for myself, and four smaller ones for my husband, who usually has a sandwich with it.


Mine are pretty big (like my friend Rii, I’ve taken to inviting “Hugh Jass” to meals on a regular basis): greens, zukes, cukes, peppers, black beans, steamed broccoli, carrots, roasted beets. They take me a bit of time to eat, but I stand at my desk all day anyway!


I’m way less likely to have that afternoon energy lull when I have these. I’m trying to remember that, LOL, when I just don’t feel like spending the time to make them. It’s nice during the week when I can just grab a box, too!


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  1. Hugh is a great lunch pal, isn’t he?

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