My main interests are birding/birding photography, sewing, and fitness/nutrition, plus my current obsession with developing my motorcycle skills. This isn’t to say other topics won’t appear… It’s not as if these aren’t diverse enough – you should see the looks I get when I go into the sewing shop with my hi-viz jacket, helmet in hand! LOL

The immediate focus the next couple of weeks will be sewing! The Original Sewing & Quilt Expo is coming up in about another week, which has me really excited to warm up the Juki!

I took home ec in 8th grade, part of which involved sewing a fuzzy pillow and a pair of sweat pants with too-tight ankle elastic. Since then, I’ve been sewing off and on, mostly off, but the last few years have been increasing quite a bit – ranging the gamut from a simple coverup

to my wedding dress, which is another post entirely but sneak peek:


I’ve given myself a goal to end up with 50-80% of my clothes being made by my own hands, starting with a few tops, and learning to do pants.

However, in spite of that goal…. I’ve yet to take a sewing class! I know the expo classes are pretty short, comparatively, but in two days I get to take 9 different classes/seminars on various aspects of garment sewing! As a pretty-much-self-taught, calling-older-sister-over-the-phone-taught-sewist (which BTW, seems to have become the preferred term over sewer or even seamstress)…. this is very exciting! Stay tuned for reports and adventures!

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