Another focus…

As I’ve gone through various events in my life, some good, some less so, but hopefully all learning experiences, I find more and more that I “need” less and less.

While Project 333 isn’t quite a reality for me yet, I’m inspired by it in many ways, along with reading a few minimalism blogs (like The Other Side of Complexity, zen habits, and The Miminalists).

One place where it’s in place (now to practice maintaining!) is my home desk. At work, I’ve had a standing desk for more than 6 months now – definitely enough time to say it works for me! Recently I set a standing desk up at home, using one of those closet organizer shelving systems. So far, so good, and I definitely went minimalistic:


Another area I’m working on that is kitchen items. I love kitchen items! My twin sister does too, so maybe it’s just a thing… in any case, I’m clearing out quite a bit of stuff as my husband and I continue consolidating our “two piles”…

In that vein – a giveaway!! No, not some regular this-blog-is-sponsored-by giveaway, but just me sharing. I know many of my friends also like kitchen items. I have two sets of mini dishes, great for parties or cute presentation of desserts etc., that are still in the packaging. Way old for returning but they somehow never got used…. Watch for pics soon – if you want them, post a comment here! (You’ll need to be local, or pay for shipping, or we’ll see each other in person in the next month or two – I want these out of the house. :-))