What a state (solid)

Well it’s been an up and down couple of months with my computer, mostly down, with a lot of the blue screens of death. Scruff finally decided he’d had enough, and decided it was best to replace the hard drive. We considered a solid state drive, but a decently-sized one is still beaucoup bucks, which I did not want to invest into this laptop. A large standard drive was inexpensive but Scruff felt it would be just as fragile as the current one. We wandered the aisles at Microcenter, and lo and behold, there was a terabyte hybrid drive, $100 – some parts are standard spinner, some are solid state (ie supah-fast!). After discovering this particular laptop practically required disassembly to replace the drive, Scruff dropped it off back at Microcenter and let them handle the physical installation. (They ran some diagnostics as well, and agreed the existing drive was bad.) It’s not quite ready for me to use, but soon I’ll be back online!!

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