Holiday cocktail party 

Doesn’t a holiday cocktail party deserve a little bling? Definitely not my normal wear, but I was able to squeeze it out in two very long evenings, once I came to terms with the fact that my original idea wasn’t going to be in working order in time (I’ll come back to that another day, but it was red, which I do wear sometimes, and definitely more often than brocade or metallics!)

Anyway, I took a pattern I’d fitted already, the Grainline Scout tee shirt, and hacked the sleeves to be like the Itch to Stitch Sirena, but with a split bell.

Brocade being what it is, shreds like crazy when you just look at it askance, so the complexity of the project was more than a tee would have been… but I have lovely invisible neckline seam and invisible hem, and a fully lined brocade top, not bad for two evenings. Next project will be much simpler, because I need a break from complicated projects! 🙂

Anyway…. “Scoutena”, LOL:

eggplant, navy, & metallic gold brocade

vertical seams finished by the underlining

hemline stitched to underlining- nothing shows outside

the split bell sleeve

neckline with turned in self-bias binding tacked to the underlining

the finished top

And, modeled, with my loving husband putting up with me, running late, asking if he’s clicked yet to “just take the pic already”!