Basement o’ Progress 

Ron, owner of the Ramset nailer, came by this morning and helped push through a bunch more sheets of luan – the subfloor is down! Took a break for lunch, and now I’m picking all those orange plastic bits off with pliers so the floor is actually flat for the vinyl tile. 

Then I’ll go back through and add more nails where the luan is a little bubbly, and repick off the orange plastic. Next up: hit the walls with some nice paint instead of primer that’s been there for the last three-plus years….. this is definitely “scope creep” compared to donating a bed, LOL, but I think it’ll be worthwhile in the end….. 

What a weekend it’s turning out to be!

Ugh, I know it’s been forever since I posted. I’ve done surprisingly little sewing lately. The last item was a vintage button down shirt finished the night before I started a new job, and that was Valentine’s Day. 

The new job has me working remotely at home, and I’m finally getting into the swing of it enough (I hope!) that I can make some time to sew again…  but since I couldn’t decide about having a workspace in the basement or upstairs, everything is kind of piled together in the basement, where I sew. The office desk ended up upstairs, and the basement is still a jungle. 


Somehow (my husband says it’s because I am “kookamonga” – and I just might be inclined to agree!), donating the big heavy Ikea bed from the basement has turned into “I think I’ll get some vinyl floor tiles” which has turned into “now I need luan and subfloor adhesive, and hey while I’m at it I might as well paint the walls”. 8-/

What I’m starting from: 

It takes a flashlight to find any dropped pins on this!

Where that donated bed was

Can’t think in here!

Eventually, I hope to have a nice, easily cleaned, well-organized sewing space/gym/open-space-for-guest-air bed. Wish me luck!